Rubik's Cube Effects

Perfect Glass

An artificial wine glass that fits a Rubik's cube perfectly!

RD Insta

Next batch ships in one week!

The MOST VISUAL cube solve on the planetl 

Rubik's Dream 360 Edition

A groundbreaking shell accompanied by killer routines!

Rubik's Speed Cube

Compatable with all Henry Harrius RD Cube

Venom Cube

The cleanest and most direct matching effect you've ever seen.

WOW CUBE by Tejinaya Magic

"WOW!" has entered cube magic!

Mini Cube to Chocolate Project

Next batch ships in one week!

A mini Rubik's cube turns into small chocolate candy your spectators can eat!

Rubiked (Gimmick & App)

A completely new way to perform a Rubik's cube prediction.