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Welcome To Tannen's Magic Online!
Located in the heart of Midtown, in the Herald Square district of New York City, Tannen's Magic has been catering to the needs of professional and amateur magician's since 1925.

We have thousands of magic items right here online. You will find every kind of trick imaginable as well as related items, DVD's, books and more! From beginners to the most advanced magician, we have something to meet your every magic need.


If magic and mentalism had a baby, this would be it!

Price: $34.95

More webs!

Price: $9.95

The final two decks created in the Madison Logo series

Price: $6.99 - $15.95

One of the most visual effects...EVER

Price: $34.95

Revolutionary, visual money magic

Price: $45.00

Lotto prediction with a kicker PowerBall ending!

Price: $75.00

Steve Valentine's brilliant take on the classic "Card through Hanky"

Price: $50.00

This trick is HOT!

Price: $39.95

 Possibly the strongest ESP effect EVER!

Price: $29.95

 Ten incredible self working card tricks. Zero moves. 100% awesome!

Price: $30.00

A 90-minute breakdown of Michael Dardant's Gold Medal close-up act.

Price: $29.95

One of Jay Sankey's most versatile close-up magic props

Price: $35.00

A killer "predicted card at number" effect with a kicker ending!

Price: $33.00

The duo pushes rubberband magic TO THE EXTREME!

Price: $35.00

Seemingly determine a spectator's exact PIN number

Price: $29.95

 Vanish a FULL pack of cigarettes - from inside the pack!

Price: $29.95

Pocket is an insanely visual card change that doesn't happen in your hands, but in your pocket!

Price: $29.95

"Very clever piece of magic! Fooled me the first time I saw it, and I never let them leave alive..." -Tony Chang

Price: $19.95

"It's a card trick, but GOD, it's a good one!" - David Penn

Price: $45.00

The Domino Effect combines some of the most powerful elements in magic into one incredible routine.

Price: $35.00

Create the illusion of hypnotic trance without the need for actual hypnosis.

Price: $56.85

Spin webs anytime, anywhere!

Price: $39.95

This innocent-looking book can be used to create a full twenty minute mentalism routine.

Price: $47.15

Alongside the double lift and the pinky break, the cull is perhaps the most important move in card magic!

Price: $24.99

This is an entire act in your wallet!

Price: $25.00

The ultimate trick for strolling or close-up magic

Price: $35.00

Kicking off the 2014-15 Tannen's Lecture Series!

Price: $20.00

Chris Westfall shares three of his most visual, audience-tested routines!

Price: $30.00

"A truly monumental achievement. James couldn't have had a better tribute." - Martin Gardner

Price: $250.00

Recipes for delicious mentalism!

Price: $65.00

A Multi-Phase Examination of Coincidence

Price: $15.00

These powerful, deceptive skills are within the technical reach of any card handler.

Price: $30.00

The FRESH variation on "Dollar to Credit Card"!

Price: $29.95

Way & Himitsu Magic bring this amazing effect...

Price: $39.95

Magic doesn't get more visual than this...

Price: $34.95

Chris Westfall's brilliant routines and essays

Price: $20.00

Signed and numbered limited edition

Price: $195.00

This is one of the most powerful and clever tools you will carry with you AT ALL TIMES!

Price: $39.95

The Revolutionary Guide for Hypnotists

Price: $135.00
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