Virtual Daily Demos

At the Card Table

The effects in this book have been audience-tested...

DEAL OR NOT DEAL by Mickael Chatelain

A perfect close-up routine! An effect with multiple twists and turns!

Modern Coin Magic Bundle

Get everything you need to peform "Presto Chango"!

Omni Deck

Incredibly, the entire deck transforms into a crystal clear block of plastic while it sits in a spectator's hand.

Phantom Deck

Imagine at the end of your close-up performance, you cause every card in the deck to turn TOTALLY the SPECTATOR'S HANDS! Imagine no more-the Phantom Deck is here.


EVERY single effect in the book (and there are 60 effects described) is practical, fun and radically new.

Vanishing Candle: White

The Magician touches the flame and the candle vanishes or changes into a silk.

Rubiked (Gimmick & App)

A completely new way to perform a Rubik's cube prediction.