What's New?

Carpenter Coins

Jack Carpenter's handling of Copper Silver Brass!

Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz (Pink)

The indescribable metallic mauve pink, is nostalgic of the 50's; yet perfectly modern as it plays off the iconic red cherry back design.

CIB: Cards In Bag by Dominique Duvivier

An impossible new card effect that fooled Penn & Teller!

CIB: Jerry's Nuggets Cards In Bag

The Penn & Teller fooler is back! Now in Jerry's Nuggets!

Coin to Wallet

A powerful, direct and amazing effect

Cop Wallet x Interpreting Magic Bundle

Don't want to make the Cop Wallet as desciribed in Interpreting Magic? Don't worry! Get both!

Was: $120.00
Now: $110.00
On Sale

An easy, astonishing effect that fits in your wallet


A visual bill change

DEAL OR NOT DEAL by Mickael Chatelain

A perfect close-up routine! An effect with multiple twists and turns!

DeLand's Centennial Edition

The DeLand Centennial project brings two amazing decks of marked playing cards back to life.

DeLand: Mystery and Madness

All of DeLand's miracles are presented in this lavish 608-page book, including a full deck of gimmicked cards.

False Anchors

Pre-Orders Ship April 6

Change a person's perception so it becomes their new reality.


FLAME is by far one of the most amazing visual effects in close-up fire magic.


A clever and practical approach to the visual appearing deck effect

Machinations by Ben Harris

Ben Harris has taken "The Trapdoor Card" puzzle and pushed it to the limit