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The plot is simple: take out two folded cards from your wallet - one red and one blue -- and perform the most visual and easy transposition inside of your spectator's hands.

Animal Mistake

Each time you unfold the paper, it gets bigger and the illustration magically changes.

Cardboard The Book by Patrick Redford

Patrick explores over a dozen effects and techniques with a shuffled deck to create powerful and memorable magic

Carpenter Coins

Jack Carpenter's handling of Copper Silver Brass!

Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz (Pink)

The indescribable metallic mauve pink, is nostalgic of the 50's; yet perfectly modern as it plays off the iconic red cherry back design.

CIB: Cards In Bag by Dominique Duvivier

An impossible new card effect that fooled Penn & Teller!

CIB: Jerry's Nuggets Cards In Bag

The Penn & Teller fooler is back! Now in Jerry's Nuggets!

Coin to Wallet

A powerful, direct and amazing effect

Crossed Thought by Daryl

This is a mind-blowing effect that is sure to amaze any audience

DEAL OR NOT DEAL by Mickael Chatelain

A perfect close-up routine! An effect with multiple twists and turns!

DeLand: Mystery and Madness

All of DeLand's miracles are presented in this lavish 608-page book, including a full deck of gimmicked cards.

False Anchors

Pre-Orders Ship April 6

Change a person's perception so it becomes their new reality.


FLAME is by far one of the most amazing visual effects in close-up fire magic.

Gypsy Queen

Leave your spectators with a memory they will always treasure!

Haunted Key Deluxe

The Haunted Key is a classic of magic.. and for good reason, It looks like REAL Magic!