MUSIC BOX Standard
MUSIC BOX Standard
MUSIC BOX Standard

MUSIC BOX Standard

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Reveal a selected song with a music box!

Music is all around us - in movies, on TV, in commercials, in the car - it's inescapable. We all have strong memories associated with the first concert we heard live, the first album we bought, or the theme songs to our favorite shows. Music Box lets you tap into your audiences emotional connection with music to create an unforgettable moment of magic.

First you introduce a music box and a strip of paper with holes in it. When you feed the paper through the music box, it plays an unrecognizable melody. You explain to the spectator that that sound they just heard will actually subliminally influence a choice they are about to make. Showing a handful of cards with songs written on them, you ask the spectator to choose one in a free and open manner. When you feed the same strip of paper through the music box, turned the opposite way, it now plays the melody to the song they selected!

Music Box comes with everything you need to perform this effect and other versions straight out of the box. From the moment you take the props out, you'll have gained your spectators' attention. It's easy to do, the props are intriguing, and it appeals to your audience's emotions. If you add this Music Box into your performances, this is the trick people will be telling their friends about.

You will receive:

- 25 strips of paper
- 2 Special Strips of paper
- 20 cards with songs and melodies written on
- Music box and hole puncher
- 10 songs

Songs & melodies

  • Happy birthday
  • Ed Sheeran - Perfect
  • Beatles - Hey Jude
  • Wish you a Merry Christmas
  • Aqua - Barbie girl
  • Jingle Bells
  • Stars Wars - Theme song
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Twinkle Twinkle little Star
  • Tetris

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