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We're thrilled that on October 25, Joshua Jay, author of How Magicians Think, will join us LIVE from Tannen's for a book club event. In-person attendance is limited to 40 people and you can reserve your free ticket here. For those who can't join us in person, we will be streaming the event on Zoom. If you order at Tannen's, you'll automatically get the link. For those who ordered elsewhere, send proof of ownership here to receive access.

All pre-orders of How Magicians Think purchased from Tannen's will arrive signed by the author and will include a limited edition deck of commemorative playing cards.

If you already own a copy of How Magicians Think, attending Book Club is completely free! If you need a copy, we have some available here.

How Magician's Think ships September 28.

Joshua Jay's

How Magicians Think

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A thoughtful, engaging look into the secretive world of magicians ... it will excite anybody with a curiosity or love for magic.

David Blaine

A loving, behind-the-scenes map of the world of magic, by someone who knows and lives the art. Swift, funny, honest, and alive with enthusiasm.


There are myriad books that explain how to perform magic. But there are very few that explain how to watch magic. A smart take, and an excellent read.

Neil Patrick Harris

Joshua Jay is a superb, innovative conjurer with an unrelenting love of the art. This captivating book is proof of that passion.

David Copperfield

Book Club FAQ

Q: How much is Book Club?

A: Free! All you need to do to join Book Club is own a copy of this meetings book. If you buy a copy from Tannen's you will automatically be sent the Zoom link. If you already own the book, just send us a photo of your copy by clicking here.

Q: How long is each Book Club?

A: Each meeting lasts at least 60 minutes, but may run longer.

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Joshua Jay's

How Magicians Think

An inside look into the artistry and obsessiveness, esoteric history, and long-whispered-about traditions of a subject shrouded in mystery.

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