Die Box de Luxe

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The magician attempts to vanish an oversized die from a hat. After a few failed attempts, he introduces his "Die-vanishing Machine." This is a decorative box with four doors and two compartments. The magician removes the die from the hat and puts it in one of the compartments of the box. Although the magician claims that the die has disappeared, the audience can hear it sliding from side to side, when the die-box is tilted, accordingly. The performer only opens the door to the compartment which apparently doesn’t contain the die at that moment. After some funny byplay, the magician opens all four doors to reveal that the die has in fact vanished. It reappears in the hat, which was shown empty at the start of the performance!

What is new about this version is the sheer quality of the construction. This is professionally made in Foamex - a sturdy plastic which doesn’t warp and from which you can cut perfect angles. Chrome handle and brushed aluminium knobs.

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