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  • Foreword by David Williamson
  • Introduction
  • Routined Arith-Mate-ic -- An ingenious Elmsley principle is reworked into an astonishing three-phase routine -- Set-Up from Tamariz Stack
  • Extended Gambling Demonstration -- You want to be able to do anything with a deck of cards? Your audience will believe it after this routine.
  • Mating Season -- A multi-phase mating extravaganza! The finale will melt the spectators's brains. Beware. -- Getting into Power Stack from Tamariz Stack
  • The Dark Force -- The choice couldn't be more free. Or so it seems.
  • On the Bottom Deal -- A Bottom Deal that permits dry hands and a worn deck. It should be in anyone's toolbox.
  • Mr. Luckiest -- If you want to play cards with anyone in the future, then you better never perform this routine. -- Managing the Palm -- Chair Holdout
  • Photographic Memory -- Memorize a shuffled deck in a flash, and then prove it. -- The Overhand Shuffle of the Deck
  • The More the Merrier -- A strategy for more convincing multiple selection routines.
  • Haunted Herbert -- The most popular rubber band on the planet learned a new trick! -- Tabled Handling -- In-the-Hands Handling
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography


English language, hardbound with dustjacket, 5.8 x 8.3 inches, about 90 pages

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