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The most incredible gaff in the world! Our best selling trick of 2020 is now even faster, more visual, and with more options!

Holding a single card at your fingertips, a hole appears in the corner of the card. It's a real hole that the audience can see through - no stickers or black art. With no funny sleights or moves, three more holes appear on your command.

This is where it gets crazy: you have complete freedom to drag the holes do different parts of the card, make the holes vanish, reappear, or even visually jump across the card with no cover!

The biggest improvement with Matrix Revolution is its versatility. If you'd like, you can start by punching holes in a signed selection before making the holes disappear, reappear, and move, and then end by handing back the signed, hole-punched card. Or if you don't want to carry a hole punch with you, simply start by making the holes appear. You can choose to perform a couple of quick casual phases, or you can play some music and perform an extended routine with varying effects.

Matrix Revolution is one of the few tricks in magic where the method is as incredible as the effect. The hand-made gimmick does all the work for you, and you'll be performing this effect minutes after opening it.

Built to last:
Our favorite thing about this gimmick is its durability. Unlike similar gimmicks, there are no elastic flaps to snap, no hinges the break, and no magnets. You don't need to build or make anything, and the gimmick will last you a very long time.

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Last summer, our first three shipments of the original effect each sold out in less than 24 hours, and those who missed out had to wait over a month for our following shipments to arrive here.

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